Coffee. Community.




When you sit down at The Foundry – for a cold brew, bottomless cup of coffee, or special-menu latte – all we want you to think about is how good it tastes. Because we’ve thought about everything else.

From the seed in the ground to the coffee in your cup, The Foundry is all about relationships. We are as intentional about brewing excellent craft coffee as we are with the people who grow it, roast it, and drink it. 

The Foundry is a non-profit that gives back – to local and overseas organizations. We strive to purchase the freshest, locally sourced, organic products for food, drink, and coffee, including our artisanal lunch menu and gluten-free offerings. 

We value the beauty that art and music can bring to any moment and feature local artists and musicians every month. We love the complex mastery of brewing a simple cup of coffee, just for you. Every time you stop by.



Kalita Wave brewing with JT Wilkinson